Common Criteria Tools

The CC Tools available for download are listed below. Please read the NIAP license agreement before downloading and installing these tools.

Common Criteria (CC) Toolbox TM - A knowledge-based tool that provides structured interviews to aid PP and ST developers both in identifying pertinent security requirements and in managing the complexity of the requirements definition process. The CCToolbox was developed to run in the Java Runtime Environment(JRE) under Windows on a personal computer.

Minor improvements have been made in both the code and the documentation. The revised code provides improved performance, fixes previously noted problems, and is fully compatible with JRE 1.3.1. The updated documentation now displays well on commonly used browsers as well as the internal CC Toolbox browser.

Version6.0f uses version 1.3.1 of Java Runtime Environment (JRE1.3.1). If you do not have JRE 1.3 (or later version), the larger download will automatically install JRE 1.3.1:

The main CC Toolbox documentation is included in the above downloads. It is written in HTML format and may be directly viewed online: Installation Guide, User Manual, Reference Manual, and Common Criteria.

The following supplementary materials not included in the above CC Toolbox downloads are also available:

CCProfiling Knowledge Base TM - A database of common policies, threats, assumptions, security objectives, recommended CCcomponents, and supporting rationale. The CC PKB is designed to support independent development of new knowledge bases by different communities of interest (e.g., healthcare, banking, and defense) and product classes (e.g., operating systems, databases, smart cards, network devices). The CC PKB can be used independently or as a front end for the CC Toolbox.

The current version provides improved interfaces to the CCToolbox and to its HTML reports. Three variants are provided in order to accommodate differences in the availability of MS Access.

Three variants of the CC PKB are available, depending on what versions of MSAccess are on the user's system:

The knowledge base Reports and User Guide are written in HTML format and are also available online.

Common Criteria (CC) - A new HTML-based rendering of the Common Criteria version 2.1, with formatting similar to that of the .pdf version, page-navigation links, and EAL tables that employ browser-independent DHTML techniques. This version of the CC may be used independently or viewed from the CCToolbox.

The HTML version of the CC that is included in the CC Toolbox is not only available online, but can be downloaded separately as well:

Entire CC Tools Suite

This package contains all of the components listed below and insures their proper integration. If you choose this approach, we recommend copying the downloaded file to a removable disk for later reuse.